Meet Our Executive Team


John Tenbusch - CEO

John Tenbusch, CEO & President of Linear Mold & Engineering, Inc., founded the company in June 2003. In the past 15 years, he has grown his company from a two-man operation with only four customers to thriving small business with over 90 employees and more than 300 customers by providing innovative manufacturing solutions and excellent customer service. John has over 30 years of industry experience and first entered the field of manufacturing by working for his family-owned business in northern Michigan where they built military equipment. John studied at Madonna University here in Livonia before starting Linear. He is determined to grow his company considerably over the next few years by continuing to do what he does best–surrounding himself with passionate professionals that celebrate innovation resulting in a unique blend of additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing methods.

Lou Young - President

Lou Young joined Linear Mold & Engineering in 2003. As Linear’s President – Lou’s experience includes over 20 years in the automotive/plastics industry. Lou is on the frontline educating both new and existing customers of the benefits of conformal cooling. Overall, he provides strategic direction for the Linear tooling and manufacturing salesforce. Lou spent the last 18 years in the automotive and plastics industries. He began his career working in various skilled trade positions including CNC operator, plastic injection mold maker, tool designer, and automotive part designer. After studying at the University of Southern California for Industrial Engineering, he joined Linear in 2003.

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